Terms and Conditions

  1. All lots are priced as net cost postage paid 1st class within Canada unless noted.  Heavier lots and international lots will incur additional mailing costs.
  2. Lots will be sold to the first person responding either by mail or phone and will be shipped within one business to those known to Kane Stamps.  First time buyers must submit payment before lots will be shipped.
  3. Payment may be made by cheque, money order or e-transfer
  4. Some lots are one of a kind
  5. Allstamps are mint never hinged unless otherwisw stated
  6. 10% discount applies to order
  7. Minimum order is $15.00
  8. If you are not satisfied with the lot, you can return it, unopened, within two weeks for a full refund.  Unopened applies to the packing around stamp specifically and not to the envelope that the item is delivered in.

If the picture is still here the item is still available. Use the email form at the bottom of the page to inquire about any items you are interested in.

Lot 1 Gabon issued 2019 Price: $8.00

Lot 2 Gabon issued 2021 Price: $8.00

Lot 3 Burkino Faso issued 2021 Price: $8.50

Lot 4 Burkino Faso issued 2021 Price: $9.75

Lot 5 South Georgia Islands 170-73 price: $8.00

Lot 6 F.S.A.T. issued 2022 Price: $3.50

Lot 7 F.S.A.T. issued 2022 Price: $4.00

Lot 8 Guinea Bissau issued 2021 Price: $12.00

Lot 9 South Georgia issued 2023 Price: $26.00

Lot 10 A.A.T. L76a-e used Price: $5.25

Lot 11

Australian Antarctic Territory L76

Price: $6.00

Lot 12

Australian Antarctic Territory L55

Price: $3.50

Lot 13 Guinea Bissau 3217-20 Used CTO Price: $7.00

Lot 14 Monaco issued 2022 Price: $9.754

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